Insider: Victoria Gourmet

During my last semester of college I felt that I needed to be doing something meaningful and something that I am passionate about.  I also wanted to continue learning about the business world in any way that I could. With that said, I applied for a marketing position at a small spice company, Victoria Gourmet, located in Woburn, MA. When I walked into the first interview it was clear- this was the place for me.

Although my resume did not incorporate any of my food passions, after showcasing my love of food and this blog it was evident they saw the internship was a fit for me too. From the beginning I knew the owner of the company, Victoria Taylor, would be an inspiration. She started the company and knows all aspects of it. Her knowledge in the business world, networking and the food industry has fostered the business into what is today-  a successful company filled with passion in everything they do.

Carrie Richards, head of marketing, runner of the test kitchen and my supervisor, interviewed me with Victoria. I have gotten to work with Carrie throughout my last internship on so many exciting projects. Carrie’s love of food, culinary creations, visionary marketing tactics and more have given me such amazing exposure. Carrie taught me so much from creating a website design slide to perfecting a Pecan-Crusted White Fish with Remoulade Sauce featuring New Orleans seasoning blend!

New Orleans Cod.jpg

Each week I get to try new gourmet dishes featuring a Victoria Gourmet seasoning blend or spice. I create the scene for the food and from their photographed the dishes! The craziest and most exciting day was when we made seven dishes in my 3.5 hour shift. Carrie was whipping stuff up like no tomorrow from Shakshuka, Spaghetti Pie to Honey Aleppo Pepper Chicken.  I then got to update the website and create slides for their main site with my designs. Each day there is always a new dish or new product to talk about depending on what holidays are coming up so there is always something to do to keep up with new trends.

Below are just a few of the photos and slides I have taken and created these past few months. I am so thankful to get the opportunity to work in such an inclusive and encouraging environment with everyone at Victoria Gourmet.

After this internship ends I am truly going to miss coming into the office. I am so fortunate to have this experience in the industry I love with such great people. One  recommendation- try the Honey Aleppo Pepper seasoning blend by Victoria Gourmet! It is by far my favorite. The link will be below. Stay tuned for my next post on a Chicken Roulade recipe I created myself featuring Tuscan seasoning blend from Victoria Gourmet!






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