Boston Weekend

I spent last weekend exploring the streets of Boston! I have always gone for day trips or spent the night, but never have I devoted a whole weekend to exploring. It was a cloudy weekend with scattered showers but it was relaxing and fun to walk the streets of Beacon Hill, have exquisite Italian food in the North End, watch the Head of the Charles and much more with my great friend, Maddy, who flew up from Texas! Of course much of my favorite parts of exploring this beautiful city were trying different cafes, restaurants and markets.



IMG_5108.jpg  IMG_9013.jpg

We always tried to wake up early to start the day with some breakfast. One of my favorite cafes we got to try was Tatte. Tatte is a hipster cafe with yummy pastries, brunch options and hot coffee. There are numerous locations in Boston and each one has there own little flair. I would recommend getting the breakfast sandwich. It was the perfect start to my day.


Foodie Sightseeing:

Prudential Center: Head to the top of the Prudential Center and grab a glass of wine! You’ll be able to enjoy an intimate setting while having a fantastic view of all of Boston.

The North End: Walk around the North End and have some Italian food and a pastry. The two places I went to included La Summa, a hole in the wall authentic Italian restaurant, and Mike’s Pastry, a famous pastry shop with to-die-for cannolis.

Charlestown: Have oysters at Pier 6 on the waterfront! Enjoy a cocktail at their rooftop bar that overlooks the Charles River.

Boston Public Market: Walk through the Boston Public Market and enjoy a variety of foods from cheeses to doughnuts.






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